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Our hotel is situated from the most appealing and famous beaches of the island approximately:


1.     Plaka 4,5 klm

2.     Agia Anna 7 klm

3.     Agios Prokopios 8 klm

4.     Kastraki 7 klm

5.     Mikri Vigla 9 klm

6.     Pyrgaki 13  klm

7.     Alyko 15 klm

8.     Agiassos 16 klm


      4 km from the airport and 7 klm from Naxos Town (Chora)


Across the coast line Agios Prokopios - Agia Anna - Plaka you can enjoy local dishes in traditional taverns/restaurants, your drink or coffee at cozy beach bars and water sport facilities.

Plaka beach


South of Ag. Anna and Ag. Prokopios you will find the beaches of Maragas and Plaka, where you can relax on the long and vast beach with its white sand.


Agia Anna

Agia Anna is one of the most popular summer resorts of Naxos and located
on the west side of the island which will thrill you with its beauty. Enjoy the wonderful sandy beach with crystal water which is ideal for water sports and swimming. The blue flag certifies the quality of the beach and the services it grants.

Aghios Prokopios.


At the end of the beach you will find the small church of Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios is a popular beach, well organized, attracting a lot of tourists each year. A beach with thick sand and deep blue waters. Agios Prokopios is not only the most famous beach in Naxos, but has also been given international distinction.
This bay is under protection awarded with the blue flag since 1985


Kastraki is located right after Mikri Vigla beach. It is a quiet sandy beach with crystal clear waters. There are many beaches in the area, Glyfada and further south Alyko.

Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla  is considered to be as one of the most beautiful places on the island. The rock of Mikri Vigla, separates the sandy beaches of Parthena and Mikri Vigla (or Sahara). Pathena is in the north, it is 500 meters long and it is a meeting place for surfers from all over the world. The other one, lies in the south and is about 3 Km long. In the area there are also many beautiful sandy coves. Mikri Vigla is an excellent choice for those who wish to spend their vacation away from the crowds and on the beach


Pyrgaki is located right after Kastraki. It is well known for the nice beaches with crystal clear waters. It is a quiet place, ideal for relaxing.


Alyko bay is located nearby Pyrgaki and offers an excellent sandy beach, well protected from north winds. The area is ideal for snorkeling.


Agiassos is a wonderful isolated beach with sallow crystal clear water and well protected from north winds. Agiassos can be reached by the coastal road -via Pyrgaki- where the last 4 kilometers is dirt road, or via Sangri village (mainland).





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